December 5, 2003

Skate Scene Media


Friday night and we find ourselves back up in our second home, Hollywood. Tonight was a bill that has been all the buzz around for a couple months now, The Weirdos were gonna be playing again. As one of the founding bands from the LA punk scene, lots of people came out early to pack the place out and claim a spot closest to the stage.

The Diffs

First up tonight was a band called The Diffs. The last time we had the chance to see them play was at the Jack Grisham for governor show, yet we were screwing around and missed them play then. Tonight we made sure that we were there early to get parked and not to miss these guys play. This band is made up of a 12 to 16 year olds and they rip! They opened up with a song titled "Living in Chaos" which was instantly a favorite with us.

Their 10 song set was made up of mostly original material that they wrote with a Black Flag and Germs cover mixed in. This was truly raging Punk rock with a non-sellout sound. The crowd that was made up young Punks to the vets of the Punk scene really dug these guys. We have not been this excited about a new band in long time and you can expect to see us at their shows in the future. Defiantly go see them next time they play.


The Skulls

If you do not know it yet, The Skulls are one of our favorite bands! Tonight's show was a little different for The Skulls, they were having their DVD filmed for release in early 2004. Recently they got back from a European tour and they returned back to LA at this show with the energy that the Skulls are known for. Their set included, "Kill me kill me kill", "Victims" and "Can Punk Rock Pay The Bills".

Lead vocal, Billy Bones during the show handed out some pirate hats that we wish we had got a hold of, they were cool. The show tonight was absent bass player James' many hat changes due to him loosing the bag of hats and Kevin "The Kid" was just as outrageous as he always is, climbing up the pole on the side of the stage as The Skulls finished out their set. The DVD will be fun to see when it comes out and we will let you know when it does.

The Weirdos
The Weirdos have not played in a very long time yet have never really been forgotten about. The people that came out to see the show included notables from many Punk bands that included, Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks, Shawn and Mark Stern of Youth Brigade, Monkey from The Adicts, Brandon Cruz of Dr. Know and Steve Soto of the Adolescents to name a few. 

Their show started off with "We Got the Neutron Bomb" and the packed house went nuts. The pit got whipping into a frenzy as many in the audience that were too young to have seen them back in the day got to see them as well as the old guard got another go around with the band that blazed the trail for LA Punk some 20 years ago.

Their set consisted of, 7 & 7, Shining Silver Light, Happy People and Destroy All Music to name a few. One thing we liked about the show is that they did not waste time saying how they were this or that like some of the older bands do, The Weirdos just kept on playing song after song and pretty much let that do the talking for them.

As the show came to an end the crowd was not gonna let them go away without playing longer and they played 2 encores, finally ending by playing "We Got the Neutron Bomb". This show will certainly go down as one of the top 5 shows that we have been to in 2003.

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