October 5, 2003

Skate Scene Media


This was a show that was put together some what last minute as a way to not only throw a great bill, yet to also support Jack Grisham of TSOL run for governor of the state of California. As we parked our car we found a good crew of skaters across the street with tunes blasting as they jumped a ledge for fun before going in. By the time we got to the front door most of the crowd that was lined up out front were already inside to take in the show.

The entrance that leads to auditorium sat Jack Grisham greeting his constituency, thanking them for coming as well as letting them know where he stands on the issues. With the current leadership in the state of California and the alternative to a celebrity front runner, Jack's candidacy would certainly shake the current system up. One thing for sure is that Jack represents a broader thinking rather than the business as usual scheme.

The Diffs


All Day

The Bronx
With 13 bands on the bill the show cliped along with many of the initial bands playing 10 minute sets as the crowd continued to pour in.

Narcoleptic Youth

By the time crowd favorite, Narcoleptic Youth took the stage the sets were now up to 15 minutes. With all the bands on the bill they really found it necessary to stay on a tight schedule. NY played a great set with lead singer, Joey coming out in a blue wig and dedicating their last song "Bitch" to Arrianna Huffington one of the system approved candidates for governor.

The Skulls

Steve Soto

The Skulls were in the house to represent to original LA scene and put on a great performance that the Skulls are known for any where any time. Back out in the lobby were plenty of kids roaming around the merch area and even catching the band members from their favorite bands for an autograph.

400 Blows



By the time CH3 went on the floor was packed out. At this point the show was really taking on the feeling like being at an Olympic Auditorium show back in the day. The pit raged hard during their set and really got wild during the song "Manzanar". Alf ended up busting the snare drum stand during the song and Mike broke into the guitar riff of "I Didn't Know" with no drums initially until Alf got the stand fixed, it was really bitchen -Great Set!

Manic Hispanic

Manic Hispanic is chuck full of some of the most talented guys in Orange County and their parodies of some of the classic Punk songs ever is a real crowd pleaser. With songs like "Mommy's Little Cholo" and "Rudy Cholo" the words are all in good fun backed up with the music of songs everyone knows. You can find their CD everywhere, go get one and have fun with it.

Abrasive Wheels

These guys showing up on stage was a total surprise to us, since we felt like we were pretty dialed into what was going down tonight. Abrasive Wheels were in town for some shows around and literally 5 minutes before they were on was when they were asked if they wanted to go on and play a few songs. They only played 4 songs starting with "Burn'em Down" and closing out this short set with "When The Punk Go Marching In". The crowd at this point was really freaked out with these guys playing the show that one guy in the audience was heard saying, "Damm, I am so glad that I came to this show!"

Youth Brigade

There is no way that you can have a show that represents the best of Los Angeles hardcore without Youth Brigade being part of it. Hell, even 20+ years after they started, their song's lyrics hold even more meaning now with how nuts the world has got and the warnings we have been given. Shawn Stern took the opportunity to remind people that this was their world and that they should speak up, resist and vote all the current kooks out of office. Youth Brigade ended their 20 minute set with a great sing along, "Sink with California" as the place got involved in this anthem that had now spanned a few generations of Punks.

The Adolescents

Opening up with No Way, The Adolescents did not let the crowd have any chance to cool down. About half way through the song Tony takes one of the first of a few dives into the front row. Many of the kids there had never seen them play before and the bass player for The English Dogs was loving his first time as well.

Playing all the classics including "Amoeba" they also performed the song "Democracy" which was fitting since the show had such a political vibe - Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, do you really care what party your in? They closed out their time slot with "Kids of The Black Hole" as Tony was crowd surfed all over as he sung along. At this point the crowd is beat to hell and they still had another band that would kick their ass even more.

Back stage was a cast of whos who in the LA Punk scene. With the likes of Brandon Cruz of Dr. Know all the way to the flat top stage manager that worked every Olympic show back in the 80's as well as plenty of imports including Jock of GBH. Lot's of war stories were being traded and cold ones were becoming far and few to find.

True Sounds Of Liberty

As TSOL took the stage Jack let everyone know how thankful he was for the support. He mentioned that all of the bands playing tonight were all playing for free and that some bands that were invited to play this historic show said that they would not come and play unless they were paid. Jack continued on to to say that these bands that just played all believe in making this a better world and again thanked them for their support. The money raised from the show would be used to cover Jack's many expenses associated with running for public office and that the surplus would be donated to the Midnight Mission.
Opening up with "World War III" followed by "Property is Theft" the place once again going full tilt.

Tonight's show even featured keyboards with a song that we have not heard live in a long time, "Beneath The Shadows" from their second album. Included in the set was some new material from their new CD that was just recently released titled, "Divided We Stand". 

The performance saw plenty of stage diving as the determined got through the gauntlet of the barricade to dive off the stage to the sounds of this seminal band. The set was concluded with, "Abolish Government" and "Silent Majority" - how fitting considering the premise of the show.
As the guitar riff was winding up to "Code Blue" the crowd was pushing even tighter to the front of the barricade. Then in unison everyone yelled out "CODE BLUE" on cue. Jack was nearly drowned out as the audience sang along to this TSOL favorite. As the song ended and lights came up many were heard saying that this was the best show they had seen in a long time. We would have to agree with that sentiment.

There have been many shows in the past and this one will certainly be one that is remembered for years to come. Like many of the Olympic Auditorium shows, this one will rank very high along side many of them. If you were at this show you know perfectly what we are talking about and if you missed it, this story will be as close as you get to a seriously fun time.


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