September 14, 2002

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The Inland Invasion show put on by radio station KROQ and Levis was a massive event to say the least. In temperatures that were around 90°, 52,000 people showed up paying about $40 bucks to get in to see the line up of 11 bands that would go on for 12 hours. Parking for this place was crazy with the venue charging a 20 spot for parking, unless you wanted to park in the generous FREE parking that was couple miles away- and no shuttle.

No backpacks, cameras or bottled water were allowed in – the event thought it would be more convenient to sell you a 12 ounce bottle of water for $5 dollars. In light of all that renegade skateboarder and video producer, Richard White from LA Access Video was able to buck the system. Without any tickets or credentials to speak of, he was able to get into the event, bring in a backpack, a video camera and 8 hours of video to document the entire show.

The Distillers

Our crew rolled in there at 8:30am to get parked into the backstage of the first stage that featured many of the Punk bands that ruled the OC/LA scene in the 80’s. By 10am we were running into allot of old friends from the Fullerton Orange County Punk scene, some we had not seen in 10 years. The music got started at 11am with The Distillers opening up the show.
These guys might not be considered old school, yet who cares, they brought the crowd to attention. With 4 pits going off, shoes flying and dust kicking up while they played.
The Adolescents

Fullerton’s finest, the kids from the black hole were up to keep the slamming going. The Adolescents played the same set which they have played the past few times out, with the classics from the blue album. The crowd of 14 to 40 year olds got into this band that some having never seen them play and others from the old days felt like they were picking up from there they left off 20 years ago.
Crowd surfers were like a sea of sharks surrounding the 300+ person pit that ran the length of the stage. Tony jumped off stage to sing a song along with the audience in front of the barrier and interact the fans that came out to see them perform. The sound was perfect with lyrics and leads being evenly heard no mater where you were during the show. Toward the end of the set Tony gave away an old school VISION Psycho Stick deck while Casey Royer threw a bunch of VISION Street Wear shirts deep into the crowd. They ended the set with "Kids of The Black Hole" for that one last skank.

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