August 25, 2002

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After finishing a quick visit at the EMP museum we got back just in time to catch half of Clay Wheels set. The crowd was already starting to fill the event grounds in the shadows of the Space Needle. Today's rage'r would feature skateboarding and some of the best old school Punk Rock on the planet. People flew in from all over and as far away as New Jersey.

The event schedule would go down like this. The Dirty Birds, Clay Wheels, JFA, a skate demo at the skate park, The Briefs, DI, Agent Orange, The Hunns, and The Adolescents. Members of all the bands could be found all over the place hanging out and talking with the people that came out for the show. Seattle has a cool scene that love skating, especially pools and their Punk Rock.

Casey Royer and Mike Palm

After Clay Wheels played a killer set, up next was JFA (Jodie Fosters Army). This is the band that started the whole Skate Rock movement. Your editor had not seen them play live since they played at The Galaxy roller rink in Fullerton when they performed with Social Distortion back in 1983. JFA still rocked some 19 years later.

JFA's set was just as good as it was back in the day. The crowd heard songs like, Beach Blanket, Preppy and instrumental tune Baja. Brian Brannon is still just as committed to putting on a great show as he was 20 years ago. Wearing a killer shirt from the Texas Pool Sharks and comments about skating during the show leaves no question that he is a core skater.
After JFA played the focus switched over to the skate park where the Deathbox crew along with Steve Alba, Duane Peters and a host of others would shredd the park.
Seattle Center Skate Park
The Demo

On deck

Mike Folmer

Nathan Groff

Adrian Demain

Wally Inouye

Brad Bowman

Dave Reul

Dave Hackett

Dave Reul

Duane & Casey

This was a sick hour long session. The crowd surrounded the bowl at the far end of the park with the bleachers fill to capacity as the DB guys put on a show. Lots of airs were being busted and the coping was getting pretty hot from all the grinding. The photos tell the story of the ripping that went down. 
The demo came to an end and it was time for the bands to carry the rest of the event. Next in line was The Briefs. There was a load of energy to these guys and their CD would be great to session to. The Briefs have a very original sound and the crowd loved their set.
The Briefs

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